Fall has never had it so good: It's you & the best friends, food, wine, music and tropcial views you've ever had ... 
French Tuesdays style.  

The legend of French Tuesdays was born one night in New York, when founders Gilles Amsallem and Pierre Battu noticed that the crème de la crème of the young, international professional crowd had better things to do with their weekends than to mingle with strangers in bars, but during the week they were quite keen on the idea of meeting up with fellow networkers to enjoy cocktails together in chicissime venues. French Tuesdays is members-only so everyone is connected through several degrees of separation, thus never a stranger at the party. Better yet, once part of the FT family, you can travel the world and continue attending these famous fêtes. 

Currently FT operates in the US in New York, Miami, San Fran, and LA. Paris, France is the newest addition ... I know, French Tuesdays in France, it took me a sec to catch on as well, but it totally works --Parisians and non-Frenchies alike love this fraîche new concept. Stay tuned this fall for the Sao Paolo, Brasil launch! Rumor has it by September 15th Rio will be quite jealous of its seaside sister city thanks to our French party crusaders. In between events, Gilles, Pierre and their fab team never sleep, it seems. 

As if weekly and monthly parties in six world capitals of fun were not enough, Gilles and Pierre present to us an added bonus: a week in the Dominican Republic at Club Med for the first annual Food & Wine Festival where internationally acclaimed chefs, sommeliers and dj' convene to bring us the ultimate experience. And, whether you stay all week or just stop by for a couple nights, 207$ pp/pn is your ticket to paradise ... food and drinks included. 
(See below for a peek at the sched.)  

The Food & Wine Event's top sponsors are Travel & Leisure, Metro Wine, Sommelier Journal, Front of the House, Marky's Purveyors of Fine Food, Moët & Hennessy, and Evian. Not to mention the top chefs turning out for this party ... it's a veritable world-class line-up. Erik Peters, Club Med Corporate Chef welcomes fellow culinary masters to his kitchen for an unforgettable week:  

Californians Bernard Guillas joins us from La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club along with 
Stephane Treand of the St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort at Dana Point Jean-Michel Bergougnoux of Absinthe in NYC, Leandro Diaz from Cookers and Friends Culinary Club, 
Louis-François Marcotte flies in from Montreal's Le Local with 
Toronto legend Ted Reader of Kingpin Bbq. 
Matthew Zubrod leaves one sunny spot for another at his restaurant Monettes on Hawaii Island, 
Philippe Ferret of New York's Allure Catering & Brasserie Julien, 
Russel Cunningham of Agraria in DC, 
Sean Bernal doesn't have to stray far from the Oceanaire in Miami, also close by is 
Stefano LaCava of Barton G Catering. 
And Timothy Grandinetti from Carolina's Twin City Quarter in Winston-Salem.  

Aside from eating well and drinking even better, thanks to French wine connssieurs galore and bubbly sponsor Moêt & Chandon, each day has a theme and ends in a night to dance away our gourmandises:

Sunday, September 27th: Welcome to a Week of Sophisticated Fun

Monday, September 28th: Senses of the Mediterranean

Tuesday, September 29th: Something Green

Wednesday, September 30th: The Best of Brazi

Thursday, October 1st: Discover the Dominican Republic

Friday, October 2nd: The Caribbean: Tuquoise, Tropical, & Lobster

Saturday, October 3rd: A Day in White

As you're drooling away and simultaneously thinking of how to keep that summer tan to fit right in when you arrive (also now doing crunches as you're scrolling through this article), don't forget that there's still a chance to party it up before the DR --right at home in your favorite FT city. New York, Miami, San Fran, LA and Paris await your presence in September before the big bash.  

For all the info, visit FrenchTuesdays.com

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