Broken Syllables: An ode to NYC ...

What's in a weekend? Oh, the places you will go!

It all started innocently enough ... a last-minute visit to "La Grosse Pomme" ... traffic and beeping aside, it's true that the lights will inspire you. And when you're in good company, magical moments can seem to last forever.

Zoom up. Toll, toll. Surf the radio. We're here! Check in: W on Lex, sympa! Empire State peeking through the window. Quick shower and we're out on the town. First stop? Tummy grumbling ...

Graffitti, LES: Tiny. Unique. Spicy. Iron Chef Mehta creates miniature dishes with massive taste factor. Imagine green mint sorbet atop watermelon squares, green chile shrimp and mini grilled burgers with a kick of cumin. Sweeten it all off with a hazelnut cookie dough mousse cupcake. Who'da thunk?

Frenchie overload at Chloe, rats scurry into Decibel. On second thought, maybe not worth the wait. Calling it an early nite at 1am ... after a couple lychee martinis at Wetbar. Mmm.

Ah, good morning, sunshine! Crap, forgot Guccis in valet'd car. Too bad? Nah, $5 bucks in Chinatown for some label-less shades. Strolling down the streets of SoHo. Greek burgers at Bar 89. Wow, that was a lot of meat. Let's walk it off ... Hugo Boss, Paul Smith, Miu Miu, Michael, Kors, Prada, LV, lots o' cute little boutique w/ no sign. Whew! Nap time.

What's the plan for tonite? Waiting too long for world's best falafel at W. 53rd & 6th. Skip the line, go straight to Remi for 'Formaggio di Goat' (Grazie, Ale) and endless glasses of Tuscany's top red, Antinori. Magnifico! Story time with M and Ali. Humbling volunteer experience in the villages of Benin. Bridezilla moments. Good laughs. Ancora, ancora. Chin chin!

Wizz down to pack some meat at Standard. Champagne, sweet and bubbly (Merci, bb). Cosmo was not quite dry enough (Mi dispiace, cara). Gin & Tonic perfectly balanced (Enjoy, love to see you smile).

Hungry! Street vendor kebab dogs. Well done, pls. Pastis for dessert au chocolat. Miam, miam.

Since when is there cover at Bagatelle? Laisse tomber. Vento will do the trick to dance it all off.

Hailing a cab at 4am is always a workout. W signature Wonderful Bed. Fluffy pillows. Ah.

Light creeping in. No, don't wanna get up yet. Let's ...

Brunch at Hell's Kitchen, conveniently located in Hell's Kitchen. I love this city. Cash only. I love this city??

Unlimited Mimosas. Enough said. Six hours later, as the sun goes down, the guys are back from the game (vai, vai Roma!) and girltalk quiets down (already planning the next trip to catch up).

Tipsy walk back home, passed a few characters darting among the traffic. Instant live entertainment. Window shopping (ooooh, Ali, look at that one! Hail to Mr. Azria)

A warm breeze blows by as he takes me by the hand. I'm floating.

Evening falls, time to head back home - sweet, calm, home. Peut-etre le petit lapin est encore la?

Predictably, Jay-Z provides the soundtrack for our smooth ride. Almost there.

Monday - snap back to reality. Until next time, NYC.

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FrenchTwistDC a dit…

How was chef Mehta's restaurant? Going to NYC for the long thanksgiving weekend and the parents LOVE indian food (they adore Rasika) Worth taking them?